In early 2010, I was invited by Cathay Pacific to create 8 artworks for their long-haul Business Class cabins.

The framed artwork will be placed at the front and back of the cabins. Starting now, all the long haul aircraft will be updated with completely redesigned business class interiors.  Updating the entire fleet will take 2 years to complete. The new interiors are very luxurious and have a more residential feel.

You may be wondering why we have incorporated artwork into the cabin. This may seem unusual. However, in any luxury home nowadays, you will find beautiful artworks and objects. Not just any artworks or objects, but those that reflect the personality of the owner, or person who lives there.

The personality traits of Cathay Pacific are reflected in the artwork – service, efficiency, dynamism, contemporary, international with a flavor of Hong Kong.

As these artworks are for long haul flights, lasting 12 or more hours, a challenge for me was to create artworks that are visually interesting and engaging, but not too overpowering for the duration of the long haul flight. As you are facing it, it needs to be dynamic, but also calm.

More specifically about the artwork….

The colors reflect the other design elements in the cabin. The bamboo theme, or green; red; copper or champagne; as well as Eddie Lau’s colors for the new uniform designs.

The titles of the artworks further communicate Cathay’s personality. In no particular order, they are: Earth Texture; Finding Balance; Longitude and Latitude; Ripple and Bamboo; I Say, You Say; Untangled Language; Water Dances; Circumnavigation.

In regards to the meaning of the artworks, I always prefer the viewer to create their own meaning, as I do not want to limit their experience to just my own interpretation.

For example, in the Waterdances piece: Is it water? Is it a reflection on water? Is it fields? Is it sands in the desert? Is it just a pattern?

This Summer, limited edition prints of these images will be available for purchase on the aircraft. They are museum quality, archival pigment prints on canvas. They can be shipped directly to your residence.

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